• Kenika Thai Massage

  • Kenika (King’s rest place)

  • It’s what we get in our center

  • Our customers feel like Kings

  • Getting in Kenika is a unique experience for the senses

  • You will feel how time stops

  • Traditional Massages done by Thailand therapists

  • Our treatments are a result of millenary techniques

  • Passed from generation to generation

  • So our customers could enjoy it today

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Massage Therapy

  • Kenika Ultimate Massage

    Our signature massage therapy, The KenikaThai Ultimate Body Massage uses a unique blend of aromatherapy to stimulate your muscles and relax your mind. The essential oils are 100% natural and the massage involves Oriental techniques that focus on your body’s pressure points. This is a must-experience massage at Kenika Thai Massage!

    90 Min 95€   BUY
  • Thai Herbal Heat

    This unique and recommended massage combines ancient Thai herbal recipes with pressure point massage to provide a truly healing experience. Parcels filled with aromatherapy from herbs and spices such as turmeric, lemongrass and bergamot peel are heated and placed on the body so that the essential oils infuse the skin. Our therapist’s skilled techniques will then ensure that sore muscles are relieved, while the herbs and spices used provide a soothing aroma and naturally moisture your body, allowing for a holistic relaxation experience.

    90 min 105,00 €  buy


  • Anti-Stressed Massage

    It begins with a Balinese style massage that is based on the application of massage on the muscles to promote circulation. It improves the flow of oxygen, eliminates toxins and relieves tension.

    Our therapist will use the pressure that best suits each client. We’ll finish with a relaxing and cleansing Facial massage.

    You’ll feel relaxed and completely rejuvenated after this treatment.

     90Min 95€ buy

  • Royal Thai Massage

    The most famous of all Asian massage, this ancient technique takes its name from the type of massage used in the Thai Royal Palace. By using the fingers on pressure points across the body, in addition to light stretching and bending, this massage helps to relax, realign and improve circulation in the body. It also expels toxins and is a renowned alleviant of insomnia. Oil is not required for this massage.

    60Min 65€ buy

    90Min  95€ buy

  • Aroma Sense Massage

    One of the most popular treatments at our spa, this integrated massage combines the pleasant aromas of essential oils with the healing rhythm of massage. It will alleviate your stresses both physically and mentally and lift your spirit.

    60Min 65€ buy

    90Min  95€ buy

  • Balines Massage

    The Balines technique is based on massaging the muscles so that the blood flows towards the heart. It improves oxygen flow, releases toxins from the muscles and relaxes tension. According to your needs, our therapist will use a pressure that is best suited to your body. You will feel lighter and completely rejuvenated after treatment.

    60Min 65€ buy

    90Min  95€ buy

  • Sport Massage

    This deep tissue massage is specifically designed to manipulate muscles that have been worked vigorously from sports or activities. A stronger massage is delivered which aims to improve the flexibility of muscles and joints as well as improve circulation and heal damaged or stressed muscles, tissue or joints. It can also serve as a preventative measure against injury.

    60Min 68€ buy

    90Min 98€ buy

  • Slimming Massage

    Aimed at tightening elasticized skin and smoothing out bumps from cellulite, this massage will improve your body shape. Initial light manipulation of the skin is complemented by a contouring marine cream and followed by a special oil massage that leaves you looking slimmer and sleeker than before.

    60Min 68€ buy

  • Massage for pregnant woman

    Is a relaxing complete body massage with natural oils and tailored for future moms with over 4 months and up to the 8th month of pregnancy. We focus on back, shoulders and legs to ease tensions.

    60Min 65€ buy

    90Min  95€ buy

  • Anti-stress Back & Shoulder

    Just as the name implies, this massage relieves stress that has accumulated in the body especially in the back and shoulders where we carry most of our pain. Using aromatherapy to soothe and relax the body and mind, this treatment eases tension by specifically concentrating on taunt muscles in the upper body. For those working in an office environment, this is a particularly excellent choice.

     45Min  50€ buy

  • Anti-stress Legs & Foot Massage

    A treatment in which pressure is applied with fingers along with a specially designed wooden stick on points of the feet that correlate to specific organs and glands.

    This process restores energy and blood flow while eliminating toxins.

    Induces deep relaxation

     45Min  50€ buy

  • “HARMONY” Massage Four Hands

    Oil massage performed by two therapists simultaneously, performing harmonic movements that accentuate the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

    60Min 119€ buy

    90Min 169€ buy


Facial Treatments

  • Collagen Ultimate Facial

    The ultimate age-defying facial, our collagen wraps help reduce lines and wrinkles as well as improve the elasticity of your skin. Collagen is a natural skin protein that keeps cells in shape. Often called a firming facial, this treatment will do exactly that – tighten and strengthen your skin cells so that you can keep a youthful appearance. 

    60Min   68€   buy

  • Anti-ageing Facial

    For city-dwellers or those working in a bustling metropolis like Bangkok, it’s difficult to avoid pollution such as dust and grit from traffic fumes, which have a toxic effect on the skin. This facial is designed to draw out toxins and repair damaged cells. It will oxygenate your facial skin and promote healthy cell growth, leaving you glowing and radiant.

    60Min   68€ buy

  • Thai Honey Facial

    Natural facial treatment consists of natural products. It reduces impurity . You can keep a youthful appearance . It suites to all types of skin.

    60Min   68€    buy

  • Hydra Fix Facial

    Facial hydration treatment make your skin keeps refreshing whole day long , with amazing ingredient that helps your face smooth and smoother .

    60Min   68€ .  buy

Tratamientos Faciales

Body Treatments

  • Kenika Royal Bee Milk Body Scrub Massage

    This treatment reduces impurities and dead cells of your skin. The bee milk helps your skin smooth and brighten, focusing on aroma therapy massage, after getting this treatment you will relax and have your skin smooth and moisturized by the Royal bee milk.

    60Min 68€   buy

  • Chocolate Body Scrub

    Chocolate is one of the energy plant source more concentrated. It's skin contains minerals as magnesium or zinc, they act with vitamins B, A and E.

    Also, it is a mild stimulant that helps reaching wellness and a relaxation.

    60Min  68€  buy

  • Coconut Body Scrub

    Creamy texture, with a slight coconut aroma and rich in particles, ideal for dragging dead skin and achieving a smooth, refined and silky skin

    60MIN   68€    buy

  • Coffee Bean Body Scrub

    Give your skin in a healthy boost! Regarded by many cultures as having healing powers, the pleasant aroma and exfoliating properties of ground coffee make it ideal for a body scrub. Our scrub is applied and rubbed in a circular motion to remove dead cells and tone the skin. It can help decrease cellulite as well as tighten and shrink blood vessels. It is an invigorating experience that even non-coffee drinkers will enjoy.

    60min 68€ buy

Tratamientos Corporales


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Kenika Beauty

  • Kenika Royal Bee Milk
    Body scrub massage   
  • Thai honey facial

105 mins.

109 €


Kenika Sensation

  • Chocolate body scrub
  • Aroma sense massage
  • Collagen ultimate facial

150 mins.

155 €


Kenika De-stressed

  • Coffee-bean body scrub
  • Balinese massage
  • Hydra fix facial

150 mins.

155 €


Kenika Slimming

  • Coffee-bean body scrub
  • Anti-cellulite mask
  • Slimming massage

120 mins.

125 €


Kenika Express

  • Choose one:  Chocolate, Coffee or Rice Body Scrub 
  • Choose one:  Body Massage Royal Thai, Aroma Sense o Balines.

90 mins.

95 €


Kenika Hydration

  • Total hydration
    Chocolate body scrub
  • Hydra fix facial

120 mins.

125 €



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GIFT VOUCHERS have a non-extendable validity of SIX MONTHS from the date of purchase.


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Come with your partner to enjoy a massage together in a double room.


This membership includes 60 min. of treatment for two people, to choose between the Kenika Ultimate Massage, Balinese Massage, Royal Thai Massage or Aroma Sense Massage. 119.-€




This membership includes 90 min. of treatment for two people, to choose between the Kenika Ultimate Massage, Balinese Massage, Royal Thai Massage or Aroma Sense Massage. 175.-€